Presently the Guri Project is organized in 77 poles and distributed all over the State of São Paulo from districts in the outskirts to conflict zones as the Paranapanema pole. Actually 17 hundred children and teenagers from 8 to 18 years old are having a new horizon re social perspectives through a collective apprenticeship of string and and wind instruments, formation of orchestras, schools, children’s choirs, guitar groups and other instrumental gatherings.

The initiative of the Project, being the State’s Cultural Department, started in 1995 in the Cultural Workshop Amácio Mazzaropi with the participation of only 180 children. The following year, with the partnership of the Office of Youth the first pole was implanted at the Febem of Tatuapé, São Paulo’s east zone, where 300 minors had the opportunity to learn music. Since then the Project astarted to gain fame.

In June 2000 received the premium Multicultural Estadão. In September, already widely renowned abroad, participated at the International Education Global Net Meeting for Peace, realized at the Geneva University in Switzerland, with the presence of 21 countries. In February 2001 the “Guri” was chosen by the Ministry of Education to represent the Brazilian children at the special session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. In the same year was present during the Internastional Symposium Noises and Words (iniciative for urban teenagers) which took place in Naples, at the Castel dell’Ovo, via Parteneope.

Orchestra Paulista of the Guri Project.

The objective of the Youthful Paulista Orchestra of the Guri Project, with its opening in August 2001 at the São Pedro Theater, is to bring together all outstanding pupils during the apprenticeship. Actually the Orchestra integrates a total of 110 musical groups pertaining to the “Guri”.