Projeto Guri

The Guri Project was borne in 1995 by the São Paulo Ministry of Culture with the social precept of givimg equal conditions to all crianças and teenagers living in districts deprived of culture. It is a social-cultural undertaking consisting in socialization throught music with the objective to form school orquestras, choirs and musical groups at the age of 8 to 19 years old . It gives them the opportunity to think, create, act and live in society using the music as a multiplicator to education and culture. The proposal is to also conciliate access to the musical apprenticeship since musical lessons are not included in the curriculum of basic and secondary schools.

The results, throughout these years, have proven to be extremely rich and surprising. Above all, besides the technical, artistic and educational part there is a big enthusiasm in studying music with intrinsically human results through which crianças and teenagers recover their personal integrity.

The principal motive of the Guri Project is not to form musicians, although this might occur individually thru talents that emerge in nearly all regions, but its objective is for an excellent and conscientious training, respecting everyone’s rhythm of apprenticeship, strengthening the (re)building of the children’s and teenager’s citizenship and by using music as a transformer agent to introduce them in the social process: music as a means for the development of cognitive, sensorial abilities and any other indispensable capabilities required for whatever professional and personal activity they may choose. As a result cooperation has been received both from normal schools where they study as well as from their proper families as a result of the increasing potential of these children.

The Prize from the Multicultural Estadão Fomento category was received in June 2000. In September, already well known abroad , participated at the International Global Net Meering of Education for Peace, in Switzerland at the Geneva University to reckon with the presence of 21 countries. In 2001 was present at the International Symposium Noises and Words (iniciative involving the urban teenagers) realized in Naples. In 2002 represented Brasil oficially at the General Assembly of the United Nations, Special Session, in New York.